Ep. 108: (Part 5) Starring in Black Hawk Down changed my life – Matthew Marsden

In the finale of our 5-part Black Hawk Down series to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Operation Gothic Serpent, I sat down with Actor and Musician Matthew Marsden. You may recognize him from films like Helen of Troy or Shiner, but when he played Army Ranger Dale Sizemore in the film Black Hawk Down, it was the role of a lifetime.

That experience changed the trajectory of his life and bonded him forever with US Army Rangers. I was skeptical at first about the story being turned into a movie (find out why in this episode), but I’m really proud of the work Matthew and the other actors did and how they portrayed us.

What you’ll hear:

  • How he beat the odds to build a successful Hollywood career, coming from a small community in the UK
  • What it was like training with Army Rangers to prepare for Black Hawk Down and how it transformed his life
  • Why he believes the USA is the greatest country in the world
  • How he became a committed Christian and what drives him to speak up boldly about it in a hostile Hollywood environment
  • What he has in common with Jim Caviezel and Gary Sinise

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