Ep. 103: Clint Callahan- A simple way to beat burnout

Clint Callahan has been a social worker and therapist for 23 years, helping thousands of people go from stress, burnout, and feeling stuck… to loving life again. Multiple times in his own life, he needed a radical transformation while working through the scars of being bullied, extreme burnout working in a maximum security prison, a career crisis, and grief surrounding his mother’s suicide.

Over time, he learned a combination of techniques that led to a drastic positive turnaround in his life, and he now shares it with others through his life coaching system, Small Changes, Big Impact.

You’ll hear:

  • How early life trauma built up to severe anxiety and depression as a teen
  • Warning signs that might indicate your teen needs counseling
  • What led him to become a therapist
  • How his adult life hit a wall that he describes as being ‘completely fried in all areas’
  • The simple techniques he discovered that changed everything in his work, health, and relationships
  • The 4 key areas to focus on 1% every day for 100 days if you want to make a change

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