Ep. 101: Brad Nelson- How a regular dad saved his family from financial ruin

Brad is a normal guy who has helped people save and pay off tens of millions of dollars as the host of the Debt Free Dad Podcast and founder of Roots of Personal Finance.

Breaking free from the weight of his own crushing debt is how he learned those skills, and without financial freedom, he wouldn’t be able to get his special needs daughter the intense care she needs or carefully walk his family through the pain and grief of suddenly losing his wife to suicide earlier this year.

You’ll hear:

  • What it was like to learn that their daughter, Avery, was born with a brain injury and being told by doctors she would never have a normal life
  • What caused his wife’s later struggle with mental illness that caused her to take her life
  • Stories of how he and I both got out of debt and how financial freedom has saved our families from devastation and stress
  • Steps to take to ensure you’re not 1 paycheck away from disaster when life throws you a curveball
  • What caused him to start Debt Free Dad and Roots of Personal Finance

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