Nothing can stop a man on a mission

Here’s my general rule I try to live by: Nothing is as dangerous as an idle man.  Men with nothing to do easily get themselves in trouble.  Of course, this rule applies to women as well, but I think men are much more susceptible to this danger.

When God built the first man in the Garden of Eden, he gave him strength to accomplish a task (Genesis 2:15). Adams’s strength wasn’t given for selfish purposes. God gave Adam work to do in the Garden, responsibilities over creation, and things that needed tending to. Perhaps, if Adam had kept himself a little bit busier at work, he would have had less time to talk to serpents. (That’s s different blog for a different day.)

When a man sits at home with nothing to do or lies around all day playing Fortnite on his cell phone, he starts to lose his sense of purpose.  Man was made for a mission. A man on a mission is unstoppable. A man without a mission is susceptible to any kind of temptation.   Therefore, here are a couple of suggestions on how to determine your life’s mission and accomplish it.

Finding your purpose

Your life’s purpose is simply what you’re called to do.  Determining your life’s purpose isn’t rocket surgery, but it’s also not that easy. If you’re not careful, you’ll travel down the wrong road in life simply because it seems cool now. It’s only miles down the wrong road that you realize that you had no business traveling this road at all. Honest people sometimes struggle to find their life’s purpose. I believe the struggle is worth the effort.

Do you know what your life’s purpose should be? Are you focusing your time and energy today on the thing you were created to do? If not, your life may amount to spinning your wheels. No matter how much headway you might make in life, it really doesn’t matter if you’re heading in the wrong direction. Get this area of your life figured out as quickly as possible. Your purpose in life is incredibly important.

If you’re still unsure of what your life’s mission should be… ask God!  In James 1:5, God reminds you that he wants to give you wisdom. Finding your purpose in life is perhaps the most important thing you will ever do. From your purpose, everything else will fall into place. A focused life is a powerful life. Maybe this is why God graciously and generously grants wisdom to those who are willing to honestly ask him what their life’s mission should be.

Jesus understood how important purpose or mission in life is. That’s why his last instructions on planet earth, before leaving to return to heaven, was to give his people a mission to accomplish (Acts 1:8). A great man, or great woman, follows a great purpose. Great men are forged by pursuing a great mission!

Following your purpose

Once you know your purpose in life, the only thing left to do is follow it. If you think finding your purpose in life can be a challenge, it can be an even greater challenge to follow that purpose.  This is especially true when you are being called to do something difficult or dangerous.

Let’s say, for example, your life’s mission is to do that difficult thing that nobody else around you wants to accomplish. Don’t be surprised when you get tired of putting in the kind of hours that nobody else seems to want to work. Your purpose in life can become a blessing or a burden based on how strongly committed you are to that purpose.

Maybe God is calling you to some dangerous life mission. It’s only natural that you would start to resent the danger that goes along with that calling. Don’t let danger or difficulty stop you from doing what you were created to do. Don’t let the hard stuff stop you from accomplishing your purpose in life.  If your purpose starts to become dangerous, remind yourself that with great risk also comes great reward.

Don’t let the dangerous or the difficult stuff prevent you from pursuing your life’s purpose with total passion. Don’t make the mistake of allowing your purpose to become a burden. God gave you strength, intellect, and energy for a purpose. Figure out what that purpose is and put those attributes to work. That’s why these two principles are so powerful… Nothing is more dangerous than an idle man!  Nothing can stop a man on a mission!

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