“Last man standing wins!”

Billy Currington isn’t just a country music superstar; he’s also unbeatable.  In my recent @UnbeatablePodcast interview, Jay Allen described how Currington gave him one sentence that saved his music carrier and changed his life. 

Jay didn’t even know that Billy Currington was in the bar the night he decided to do his last show.  Jay was frustrated, disappointed with a music career going nowhere, and ready to leave Nashville and move back to his family home in Iowa when he walked up to the bar at the end of his last song.  

The colossal music celebrity Billy Currington was standing alone at the bar.     

Jay describes how Currington looked at him during a moment of desperation and gave him one piece of advice before he walked out the door.  And that advice can help you through your darkest nights and most challenging moments.  His words might be the difference between accomplishing your goals or watching your dreams fade into failure before your very eyes. 

Currington’s words of advice to this aspiring country music artist were, “Don’t quit. The last man standing wins!”   When facing an uphill climb, you need to take Billy Currington’s guidance to reach your goals. 

Don’t quit 

Keep pursuing your goals, even if it’s complicated!  The greatest successes in life all come as a result of overcoming intense challenges. Many people give up just because the circumstances get difficult. They seem to think that greatness should be easy.  

However, nothing could be future from the truth.  

When the circumstances get complicated, it may be the very moment that you need to dig your heels in and work toward accomplishing your goal. Nothing great ever comes easy. And the difficulty will often cause most of your competition to give up along the way.

Don’t compromise 

When your circumstances get challenging, you will also be tempted to compromise your convictions. Like the temptation to quit, compromise can also be deadly to achieving greatness. If you compromise your best efforts to go along with the masses, you’ll never be able to accomplish greatness.

Don’t look for overnight success. Chase lasting significance instead. There is a massive difference between a fad that takes the nation by storm, flames out a few days later, and lasting greatness. Why settle for being a “one-hit wonder” when you can be an enduring success?  A compromise might make you a brief sensation, but only perseverance can make you into a legend.   

Don’t stop

This is where the true genius of Billy Currington’s advice resides.  If you’re doing what you love, why would you stop doing it in the first place? It shouldn’t matter whether you’re an overnight sensation or a wild success. Never stop doing what you love.

When you love what you’re doing, it’s easy to keep going long after everyone around you has quit. This is the point when the last man or woman standing wins! Keep going. Don’t give up. Never stop pursuing what you love. Ultimately, it’s almost always the last man standing that achieves greatness because everyone else quit and moved back home too soon. 

Listen to my whole conversation with Jay Allen HERE

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