Great places are calling you

In January of 1990, Dr. Seuss released his last book, one week before his death.  Like other books, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!  became a huge success.  Unlike other books, Seuss wrote this book in the second person.  The book is written for a young kid named “you.”  Most unusually, this book is written in the future tense, about the places that “you” will go to and the things “you” will see.[1]

Many believe this was Seuss’s swan song.  This unusual book was Seuss’s life philosophy.  It was his way of challenging his readers to go out and face the difficulties and excitements of life.  Ultimately, it was Seuss’s way of compelling readers to leave the comforts and complacencies of home and go out and experience all life has to offer. 

Immediately before the release of his final book, Suess published I Am Not Going to Get Up Today!  He’s trying to communicate to readers that there’s a wild and wonderful world waiting for those who are willing to get up and experience it.  Had he lived longer, Suess could have written a follow-up to Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by following the life of my latest Unbeatable Podcast guest, Will Hatton. 

Find the bright spots

Will’s dreams of serving in the British Royal Marines came crashing around him when he learned that he had a medical condition that would prevent him from ever being able to accomplish his life goal.  Rather than giving up and sitting on the sofa for the rest of his life, Will decided to get out and experience the world.

With no money and little research, Will grabbed his backpack and started couch-surfing through India.  After spending a lifetime reading about India’s rich history and culture, he will set out on a journey that will change the rest of his life.  Will lived off the land and the generosity of the Indian people.  

Every country has its ups and downs.  India is no different.  Will describes his week’s long trek across the Indian subcontinent as “India was 70% awesome and 30% awful!” This first travel experience caused Will to realize that anyone could see much of the world on a minimal budget if they were willing to do some research and save a little money.  

Your mountain is waiting

Although Will never set out to be an online entrepreneur, he connected with other people traversing the globe on a shoestring budget.  This moved Will to begin a blog as the Broke Backpacker.  There were mountains of obstacles in front of him.  However, not one to back down from a challenge, he was able to see some amazing views by scaling the obstacles in front of him.

Will’s blog was about more than what it costs to see the world.  He shared his passion and struggles as he pursued his dream of seeing the world.  That simple blog struck a chord with other people just like him.  Over the next 15 years, Will would turn couch surfing and travel on a minimal budget into an online enterprise. 

From childhood, Will thought his dream was to serve his country in the Royal Marines.  However, years of reading National Geographic magazines put an intense desire in him to see the world.  When his dreams of the Royal Marines dissolved, Will took the next natural step. 

So… get on your way!

What’s holding you back?  Will was able to travel the world and take in scenes that most people would only dream of by just getting out there and taking the first step.   Despite a persistent medical condition that makes it difficult, if not dangerous, for Will to travel, he was able to work to pay his way across the world.  

Today, Will shows people how they can visit almost any country on earth for about $10 per day.

He coaches ordinary people on how to experience their dreams of seeing the world by being smart, doing a little research, and then being willing to go.  Like Will, Dr. Seuss ended his last published book by challenging “you” to get out there and see the world. Seuss’s final sentence of the book is good advice for anyone who dreams of traveling… “Everyone is just waiting. No! That’s not for you!” If Will can do it, so can “you”.

Listen to my whole interview with Will and hear his stories HERE


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