Common Misconceptions About Racism

A One Race conversation with:

Jeff Struecker, Lead Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church
Derrick Shields, Co-Pastor at Christ Community Church
Michael Grant, Senior Pastor at Faith Worship Center
Carlos Coleman, Senior Pastor at New Birth Outreach Center


Jeff: What do you think are some common misconceptions about racism that white people have about how black people have been dealt with, when it comes to racism. What are some of the things that you think white folks that have never had to experience because of the color of our skin? What are some things that you think we need to know ?

Carlos: It’s really. I know some of the immediate misconceptions are that we’re always looking to blame someone else, for whatever situation that we’re in is usually where you have issues with individuals is they think that we’re always ready, teo or being categorise and what they’ve had an experience with. So, if a person of color is all another individual has had experience with, and maybe they were criminal, maybe they were irresponsible, the misconception is that everyone who looks like them behaves like that or has the same moral value.

Just because you’ve experienced that in one person of color doesn’t mean that every person of color it shares the same values or work ethic very true.

Michael: And I think, to add to that, Carlos, just the reality that not everyone who is a person of color comes from that same upbringing. There’s diversity within race, if i could put it that way. Because everyone who was a person of color is not struggling. Everyone who was a person of color may not be well off there’s a spectrum, if you will, that goes from one extreme to the next.

And so you know, there are some areas that we both relate to one another, specifically in this context of those of white descent and those of black dissent. We can relate if we just communicate, you know. If we can let down our guard, be willing to communicate, to connect to one another. If we can engage with one another and realize that I’m not, nor the person that I’m engaging with, may not be what I expected or what I’ve experienced in my past.

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