Bumpy roads lead to the best views

Ty Herndon has seen the views from the top of the music industry and the bottom of life’s barrel.  Ty has known the thrills with dozens of hit songs all over the Billboard charts.  His road to a #1 hit single began at an early age while standing on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry with one of the biggest names in country music. 

He has seen the views from the mountaintop, which many musicians can only imagine. However, it hasn’t always been easy for him.  Some challenging moments in his music career left him disappointed. His brokenness was so intense that he was considering ending his life. While in the dark valley of despair, Ty disconnected from his family and friends. Those darkest moments caused him to consider either God or the Gun.

Ty reminded me of a powerful principle during my recent Unbeatable interview that stuck with me.  His journey is a series of rough, bumpy roads that have led to some of the most breathtaking views in life. None of those vistas would be possible if Ty had given up because the road was too rough.  Here are a few thoughts for those chasing your dream over a bumpy road. 

Trouble is part of the trek

Nothing great ever comes easy in life. This is true for the incredible views, too. Navigating a rough climb up a steep hill or driving over a difficult road will often reveal rare views in life.  Few people get to see these fantastic vistas because the road is too difficult, and they give up long before they get to the top of the mountain.

Ok, I’m not only referring to hiking or driving your car through a national park in this article. This blog is about facing tough circumstances. Believing that the view is worth the effort will give you the courage to face the difficult roads along the path.

The path helps build perspective 

You don’t have to worry about traffic jams when traveling along a difficult road. Most people will spend more effort looking for an easier path than it would take to traverse the rugged trails. Make sure that the destination is worthy of the journey.

If your goal is worth it, make whatever sacrifice the journey requires to reach that desired destination!

The path that you’re on helps set your perspective in life. There must be a goal in your life that is so powerful that you’re willing to endure any hardship to reach it. There must be a dream that is worth any difficulty to pursue. When you have this kind of passion for a goal or dream, I guarantee you will look at life from vantage points that few people will ever get the chance to see.  

You need outlook to get to the lookout

Vision gives birth to viewpoints! Your vision for the future must be powerful enough that it helps you overcome the obstacles along the way.  You don’t need perfect eyesight to see the incredible vistas from the mountaintop, but you do have to have enough persistence to face the challenging path that leads you there. 

The view is worth the effort! Some of the most extraordinary nature scenes I have ever stood before came from very challenging climbs up steep mountains or along treacherous trails.

I hope Ty’s interview inspires you to make the effort required to chase your dreams no matter how difficult the journey is.  The bumpy roads often lead to the best views.  I will hang on to these views of God’s masterpieces in nature after the pain of the journey is long past.

Listen to the whole interview with Ty HERE.

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