Born with 2 strikes against you

It’s baseball season in the United States, and there’s a limitless number of baseball references I could use today to describe my recent Unbeatable podcast interview with Ed Newton. For those unfamiliar with the game of baseball, when a batter receives 3 strikes, they’re out for the inning.

Many people were born into circumstances with every possible advantage. In baseball terms, this is like being born with a blank slate. However, Ed Newton was born into circumstances that carried 2 strikes against him when he came into the world.

We can all learn a few life lessons from a guy who hit a home run despite the challenges of his childhood.  And the lessons that Ed learned along the way can help anyone hit a home run with two strikes against you.

You can still hit a home run

Two strikes puts you behind in the count, but it doesn’t mean you’re out for the inning. If you’ve ever seen the award-winning movie CODA, this fictional tale could easily have been about Ed’s childhood. 

Ed grew up as a Child Of Deaf Adults (CODA). Although Ed could hear normally, Ed had no other siblings to share the world with growing up.  He was born with one strike against him as the only member of his family with hearing, and he spent virtually all of his childhood interpreting business deals and explaining important conversations to his parents.

But just because you have a couple of strikes against you doesn’t mean you can’t hit a home run. Ed struggled in school. This is only natural for a child without an average education. And Ed’s obstacles are even more impressive when you realize that he never heard words pronounced correctly or had the opportunity to learn from his parents like other children.

However, he didn’t let self-doubt or his circumstances hold him back. He went from academic probation to receiving a doctorate from Memphis Mid-America Seminary. If Ed can overcome these educational challenges, you can face whatever challenges you are going through right now.

Don’t strike out

You’re not out until you’re out!  Just because you have two strikes against you also doesn’t mean you’re out of the game. Keep your eyes open for the right pitch.  Dig deep and drive that ball out of the park when it comes your way!  Ed didn’t give up on his dreams because of his challenging childhood, and neither should you!

Don’t make your situation worse. If you were born with two strikes against you, you must be very careful with every opportunity that comes your way.

Most people born into Ed’s circumstances would swing wildly at any pitch coming their way. But he had the discipline and presence of mind to wait carefully for the right opportunity.

Make the most of every pitch

Here’s the bottom line: If you were born with two strikes against you, you’ll have to be very careful with every pitch that comes across the plate. You can’t chase bad pitches when you are born with two strikes against you; it means that you must be laser-focused on your goals.

There are opportunities galore for people who were born with every possible chance of success. However, sometimes these opportunities can distract someone from what’s really important.

Ed was forced to focus intently on overcoming the challenges accompanying being a CODA. These childhood circumstances created a sense of drive and focus in Ed that few others have.

In reality, his exceptional upbringing became a driving force for his success.

If you are at a stage in life where you have two strikes against you, and you’re not sure what’s coming next, face your next pitch with laser-like focus. Don’t waste your time and energy swinging at a pitch that won’t help you accomplish your dreams in life. Wait for the right pitch, and then swing the bat with all your might.

Listen to my whole interview with Dr. Ed Newton HERE

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