A modern Harriot Tubman

Human trafficking and sexual exploitation are some of the worst conditions a person will ever experience. Unfortunately, this terrible practice didn’t end with the Emancipation Proclamation in the United States. There are still millions of people who are exploited and trafficked every year.

During my raw interview with Quintina Sonnie, she described in heartbreaking detail the years of her life spent being exploited and subjugated. I wish everyone could hear how powerless she was to break free from this lifestyle period now, this courageous woman leads the anti-trafficking movement and helps rescue exploited people from the same lifestyle that she once escaped.

I could not help but think of the famous author and human rights activist Harriet Tubman when I was listening to Quintina’s story. This woman truly is a modern-day version of this great American heroine.

Getting out of slavery

Quintina described the hopelessness of being trafficked.  She described how one man had total control over every aspect of her life dash from what she eats, to the place where she lives, to the clothes that she wears- her very existence was controlled by another human being. Based on her description it’s easy to see why we equate sexual trafficking with modern-day slavery.

Much of Quintina’s work helps women see a better future available to them if they’re willing to do the hard work to escape this lifestyle. It takes strength to be able to break free from exploitation. Often, the exploited need another person to help rescue them from their hopeless situation. Quintina knows the power of choice and the strength it takes to help women choose to break free from this lifestyle.

Getting healthy again

The first step in this difficult journey is making the conscious decision to change your future. The second step may be even more difficult… it’s putting a plan in place to get out of this lifestyle. Anyone who has ever escaped a traumatic situation knows that just leaving the traumatic situation doesn’t make the effects of trauma go away. It is a long, difficult journey to get healthy again after escaping trauma.

Quintina’s dedicated her life to getting healthy after escaping trafficking. Now she has learned the tools to help other ladies get healthy after escaping this brutal lifestyle. She has made it her goal to release women from exploitation and learn to live a life they love.

Getting others out

It takes courage to escape the kind of slavery that Harriet Tubman and Quintina Sonni escaped. Most people who have escaped trauma or difficult circumstances want to put it as far behind them as possible. This is one of the things that makes Quintina’s story so compelling. She dedicated her life to helping others escape the same kind of trauma that she went through.

It takes immense personal courage to be able to enter back into the same environment that you spent years trying to escape from. Not only does Quintina go back in to help rescue other women but she works with them over a long term to help heal their hearts and their bodies from years of trauma. What a privilege to hear the personal accounts of a modern-day Harriet Tubman.

Listen to my whole interview with Quintina here

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