A Meal With the King

King David knew what it felt like to be in danger. He spent much of his childhood tending his father’s sheep and fighting off the wolves, the lions, and the bears. By the time that he was a young man (no one knows how young) he was already one of the most courageous warriors in ancient Israel. When the Army of Israel was being challenged by the Philistines, when no other warrior would stand up for God’s glory, David boldly confronted Goliath. The rest is history.

Maybe it was Goliath, maybe it was the lion, maybe it was the many days in battle that David had in mind when he penned these words from Psalm 23:5 “you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” Think about those words for just a moment. David implied even in the midst of his enemies he could enjoy a meal with King Jesus. That’s great faith! That’s real peace! That’s putting your hope in Jesus not in yourself.

Eating with the King

Heaven will be a great banquet! It is the marriage of Jesus and his church. It is the wedding feast. Imagine eating a meal with the most important man in the history of the world. Imagine the dinner conversation. Imagine the people around the table. Imagine how special you feel just to be invited to this meal. This… is a small glimpse of what Heaven will be like.

C.S. Lewis once described Heaven like eating a meal with a king. He suggested that we would be so blown away by the opportunity to eat with the king, by the majesty of the king that we wouldn’t go home and talk to our friends about the place settings at the king’s table- we would talk about the King!

So what about you… Are you looking forward to the stuff you get to do in Heaven or are you looking forward to who you get to be with in Heaven? Are you consumed with what you get in Heaven or are you fascinated by who you become in Heaven?

Being able to sit in the presence of the King and enjoy a meal with him is something that I’m looking forward to about Heaven. I’m looking forward to the colorful faces around the table. I’m looking forward to learning about other people’s culture. I’m looking forward to eating with David and the rest of my eternal family in Heaven.

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